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Episode 006 – Bog Water Brewing Co – Podcast

Michael continues his journey down the pacific coast highway, traveling the scenic vistas of western Washington. He stops just south of Westport at a small brewery with a huge story. Bog Water Brewing Company has had more than it’s fair share of struggles since it’s birth. Talking with owner and head brewer Chris Tiffany, we learn of just how low you have to go sometimes, before you make it to the top. And how fire, really is a crucible that makes us that much harder to stop.

Episode 004 – Bear Creek Winery – Podcast

I decided it was time to head to the “end of the road” and go to Homer, Alaska in the Kenai Peninsula. It’s a place that’s known for windswept beaches and the world famous Salty Dawg tavern out at the end of the spit. It’s also the place that Bill and Dorothy Fry decided to create Alaska’s only winery. We talk about their journey and where they’re going in the future.

Episode 003 – Ursa Major Distilling – Podcast

Host Michael Dukes heads all the way to Fairbanks, Alaska to find out how Rob Boreland, a guy that use to crack down gasoline and JP4 at an oil refinery, is using some of the same technology to launch his own craft distillery. We also get a chance to sample of of his unique products including rum made with real Alaska sourdough.

Episode 002 – Silver Gulch Brewery – Podcast

This time around we journey into the interior of Alaska, to the worlds farthest north brewery, Silver Gulch. We get a chance to sit down with the owner Glenn Brady, find out his story and sample some of his best beers.

Episode 001 – Introduction to The Finer Things

The beginning of our journey into Finer Things. I tell you about where the whole concept for the show came from and give you a sneak peek at some of the upcoming episodes.